We do not have

What we DO NOT have:

  • We do not have carpet on our floors which are impossible to keep clean!
  • You won’t find paintings on the walls and plastic toys. Simplicity and functionality teach order, and beautiful objects build a sense of aesthetics.
  • Monotonous diet – a special varied menu has been created by a children’s dietician.
  • Lunches will be transported in thermos containers exactly at the time of the meal, so they will not be heated thus retaining more nutritional value.
  • Furniture in sizes of the adult world.  The space is designed to meet the needs of children. This means that all objects and resources needed during the day are within their reach. This allows children to be completely independent from adults in deciding about how they play.
  • We do not urge children to play when they are tired – they can rest in a quiet corner.
  • We do not keep children in classrooms. The garden provides a fuller experience of nature, which is why we often use it.
  • We do not publish photos of children in galleries or social networks.
    However, after signing in to our platform, all parents can view photos and use the webcams placed inside the building and outside in the garden.