Our preschool is not divided into age groups. There are children of different ages in one group. This solution provides many benefits to both young and older children. In the same way children function in a family where siblings of different ages grow up together.

Younger children are always fascinated by older kids, they observe them and imitate, so they learn appropriate behaviour patterns from them naturally. They become independent faster than children who are only in the company of their peers.

Older children are surrounded by the admiration and adoration of the little ones. They find that they can do more, they feel important and their self-esteem increases. Older kids are encouraged to help younger ones e.g. to tie their shoes or perform difficult tasks. As a result, they learn to be responsible for their younger friends, tolerance and care.

Social education becomes more efficient and much more effective than in traditional preschool groups divided by age. The attitude of tolerance, partnership and co-existence are formed naturally in an environment that is unrestricted in terms of age.