Dear Parents - due to the programme’s ideology, the number of places is limited. Acceptance of children is determined by the order of applications.
Ostatnie wolne miejsca
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- About us -

Children’s English Centre

arose from a desire to provide children with emotional and intellectual development at the highest level. We wanted to create a place where children will feel happy and safe, where in a creative and joyful way, under the guidance of commendable educators in a safe environment, they will be able to discover both the world around them and their own capabilities.

We want to teach them to gain new skills in a free and natural way, at the same time not lacking carefree play, which should be part of every little one’s childhood.
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- Staff -

The aim of our STAFF

In every group there is a teacher who is a British native speaker and a Polish English-speaking teacher.

The native speaker is a guarantee that children will learn not only vocabulary but also correct pronunciation and intonation.

The aim of our staff is to prepare children as best as possible to take up learning in school, not only through language education.

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- Webcams -

There is a monitoring system

made up of five cameras installed in the preschool:
- inside (classrooms),
- outside (playground and entrance).

Video content is available only for parents after signing in with a user name and password.

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- Groups -

Our preschool is not divided into age groups.

There are children of different ages in one group. This solution provides many benefits to both young and older children.
In the same way children function in a family where siblings of different ages grow up together. Social education becomes more efficient and much more effective than in traditional preschool groups divided by age. The attitude of tolerance, partnership and co-existence are formed naturally in an environment that is unrestricted in terms of age.